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The market is filled with a wide range of skin care products that are made out of all natural ingredients. When you go through these products, you will notice some common ingredients. The effectiveness of these natural ingredients have tempted manufacturers to include them in their products. This article is all about those natural skin care ingredients. You will learn about the best natural skin care ingredients that can be found in skin care products that are available for you to purchase.


The human body is equipped with over 25 different collagen types. The collagen that can be found in skin care products will assist in increasing the structure and texture of the skin. When manufacturing skin care products, collagen is obtained from animal connective tissues. Since it is a non-soluble protein, people can extract collagen with less hassle in pure form.

Collagen is a common ingredient that can be found in lotions and moisturizing creams. That is because collagen has the potential to hold many times it’s own weight when it is in water. In other words, the collagen that can be found in skin care products will protect your skin from loss of moisture. On the other hand, collagen does not have the potential to bring any side effects to your body as the molecules are too large to penetrate your skin.

Hyaluronic acid

Hyaluronic acid can be found in the dermis, which is the second layer of skin. It is a major component in the extra cellular matrix of your skin, which is responsible for firming and moisturizing the skin. Hyaluronic acid that can be found in skin care products have the ability to retain water on the surface of your skin. That’s why skin care products with Hyaluronic acid deliver excellent moisturizing abilities.

Vitamin A

Vitamin A that can be found in skin care products work as a keratinization regulator.  This has the ability to improve the smoothness, firmness and the texture of your skin. The special ability of Vitamin A to convert esters into retinoic acid has played a major role behind the above mentioned fact. This conversion delivers a wide range of antioxidant and anti-aging benefits to your skin. The milder version of retinoic acid, Retinyl Palmitate enhances the production of epidermal protein while increasing the elasticity and thickness of your skin. Vitamin A that is used as an ingredient for skin care products is obtained from natural sources such as peanut oil, vegetable oil and olive oil.

Vitamin C

Vitamin C can be defined as one of the best antioxidants available for your skin. In other words, Vitamin C increases the barrier response of your skin while producing more collagen. Apart from that, Vitamin C is responsible for reducing the skin inflammation and enhancing the repair mechanism.

Skin care product manufacturers tend to include Vitamin C in their products in higher concentrations. This can help people to regain a beautiful look by eliminating discolorations that take place as a result of sun exposure or acne scars.

Vitamin E

Vitamin E can be defined as a free radical scavenger and an oil soluble antioxidant that can be found in the modern world skin care products. This ingredient plays a major role by improving the texture of rough or damaged skin, reducing moisture loss, and protecting skin epidermis from sun damage.

Our skin has the ability to absorb Vitamin E in an effective manner. This fact has helped all the people to enjoy above mentioned benefits without any hassle. Health experts have figured out that applying cosmetic products is more beneficial than consuming pills.

The skin care products that contain Vitamin E will give you the opportunity to get the best out of those benefits. Last but not least, Vitamin E will provide utmost protection to your skin from the free radicals that arise as a result of sun’s ultraviolet radiation.

Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera can be defined as an amino acid rich gel that has the ability to deliver soothing and moisturizing benefits to your skin. This gel is derived from the Aloe Vera plant leaves. Aloe Vera can be found in many skin care products that are specifically designed for irritated and sensitive skin. They also have the ability to provide direct moisture to your skin tissues in order to regulate the moisture of your skin at the end of the day.

Salicylic Acid

Esters and salts that can be found in Salicylic Acid are known as salicylates. Skin care product manufacturers use these compounds in their products because of the moisturizing properties. Apart from that, skin care products that have Salicylic Acid as an active ingredient can firm your skin like never before.

Salicylic Acid also has the potential to hold water on the surface of your skin. Moreover, Salicylic Acid can improve the condition of clogged pores and acne. This ingredient can even be found in anti-aging products available out there in the market.

Rice Bran Oil

Rice Bran oil consists of Vitamin E in large amounts. Therefore, using skin care products that contain Rice Bran oil will give you the opportunity to enjoy all the benefits that were discussed under the Vitamin E section.

Additionally, rice Bran oil rich skin care products can enhance the elasticity of your skin. This natural ingredient is extracted from the inner husk of rice. Many anti-aging serums use Rice Bran oil as an active ingredient because of its moisturizing qualities. This will help people to get rid of all the fine lines and wrinkles that take place as a result of aging.

All the above mentioned ingredients are extracted from natural sources. They are safe so you can feel confident when you are using these products in your day to day life.


The skin is the largest part of human body. Therefore, it is especially important that you take special care to maintain this very important part of yourself. Most of us want to overcome some type of skin problem—due to excessive sunlight or simply due to aging—such as flakiness and dryness, discolorations, wrinkles and a loss of collagen.

There are luxurious cosmetic surgeries and various products that aid in correcting common skin problems, which can provide a tremendous improvement in the skin—making your skin appear younger and healthier looking.

But rather than spending a huge amount of time and money on putting chemicals into your body, it is always better to find solutions that are all natural.

In recent times, many people have elected to go with organic natural skin care beauty products. The major reason for this is that most commercial cosmetic beauty products being promoted fail to produce desired results.

It is imperative for you to know the differences between organic & certified organic skincare products. Organic beauty products are those which contain elements which are developed in an organic manner inside a rich soil. The ingredients are known to cover an array of flower types, plant extracts, natural oils, herbs and roots.

organic skin careOrganic vs Certified Organic: What’s the Difference?

Certified Organic: A label that claims that the product is certified organic shows that the ingredients in the product are least 95% organic. The remaining ingredients must be only those that are approved by the USDA.

Organic Ingredients: This means that only 70% of the ingredients are truly organic. This is where it can get tricky. Although 70% is organic, the remaining 30% is not. This is why it’s important to read the label and pay attention to the actual ingredients that are in the product.

If the label indicates that the product “Contains Organic Ingredients”, it indicates that below 70% of the ingredients are organic. In this case, you don’t know what the organic ingredients are and how much of the product is actually organic.

Some of these labels are meant to confuse misinformed buyers. However, this article will provide you with information that will help you make the right decisions when shopping for organic skin care products.

How to Choose the Most Suitable Organic Skin Care Products?

Avoid These 3 BIG Mistakes:

1. Brand

Understanding how a particular company operates can help when deciding whether to purchase their skin care products. Make sure that the company produces their lotions, gels & creams using gentle procedures which do not lessen the ingredient properties.

2. Chemical Ingredients

Although a particular product may indicate that it’s organic & natural, still it may include chemicals such as fragrances, un-natural alcohols, etc. Such chemicals are not at all healthy for the skin or body. These chemicals may result in major problems in the future, especially if used for an extended period of time.

3. Efficiency

The 3rd most common mistake which is made by almost each of us is selecting a skincare product that has the wrong constituents. Most companies operating in the skin care field have very little or no technical information in order to support their ingredients. It’s necessary that you search for the products that have definite scientific study, clinical trials, and personal experiences to support them.

If you do your proper research, you’ll avoid these pitfalls and you’re almost certain to discover a product which will provide you with extraordinary results on a consistent basis.

In order to maintain healthy and glowing skin, it is essential that you do thorough research on every single product that you are considering. You must be cautious of not only the things you put inside your body, but also those which you apply on your body. These lotions creams, oils, and gels are like food that you’re providing to your skin. They directly enter into our bodies so you must be sure that the “food” you offer to your skin are the most natural, organic, and free from any harmful toxins and chemicals.

All Natural Organic Skin Care – Breakthrough Ingredients

The best ingredients have been proven effective and are backed by scientific studies. Some companies produce clinical trials on their own products. These are not reliable at all. If you come across a company who is doing this, you can assume that their products are not worth your time or money.

Our skin needs antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, collagen and elastin. These all play a vital part in how well our skin can rebuild, heal and stay healthy.

Listed below are a few ingredients which have been scientifically confirmed to effectively enhance the skin:

Cynergy TK – It includes Functional Keratin. This is very identical to the basic protein that is found in the skin of humans. The major advantage of this ingredient is that it is able to rejuvenate, nourish and enhance the skin to naturally build more elastin & collagen.

Vitamin E in its natural form – Vitamin E is a natural antioxidant, which has been proven in a number of researches, to minimize the effects caused by aging. Vitamin E, available naturally—has the ability to minimize the amount of wrinkles, age spots and fine lines.

Phytessence Wakame – This is Japanese sea kelp found inside the Japanese sea. This ingredient prevents a harmful enzyme known as hyaluronidase. Hyaluronidase plays a major role in destroying the natural hyaluronic acid found in the skin. Hyaluronic acid enhances the elasticity & smoothness of your skin and also helps tone the skin.

Despite the fact that organic skin care beauty products may seem a bit more expensive. By picking only the best products, you likely will not need to apply each one on a daily basis. Non-organic skincare products, on the contrary, may come in cheap initially. However, you must take into consideration that they may need to be used more often—costing you a lot more in the long run. In addition, the harm that chemicals and substances they contain may affect your skin and your health. So be safe and only choose natural, preferably, organic skin care products.